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Project Rescue
Is your our project release is behind the schedule? Are you are troubled by your project quality? Have other developers let you down and left you hanging?

If you have answered "yes" to at least on of the above questions, your entire project might be in serious danger. Statistics show that these or similar questions arise in up to 40% of all software development projects in the world. Potentially, you may find the situation beyond repair unless you take early measures to save your project from failure and prevent losing your investments.

Logik's Project Rescue service is ready to take the measures necessary to save projects in any - up to critical - condition.

Our Project Rescue methodology is time-effective and easy to follow:

  1. Our technical expert alone or with a team of development process analysts takes a close look at your project and investigates the situation. On request they can come to your facilities to speed up the analysis and enhance cooperation.
  2. Initial non-biased professional investigation reveals your real project status.
  3. When the analysis is complete, we will have illuminated all current or potential obstacles such as:
    • Poor Requirements Management
    • Application Source Code Deficiency
    • Poor Project Planning and Management
    • Uncontrolled Quality
    • Unrealistic Expectations or Inaccurate estimates
    • Lack of Technology Expertise
  4. Suggesting the most effective recovery solutions, and outlining project recovery strategy.
According to the Standish Group report, over 30% of software projects will never be completed. Even if it looks tough, Logik Project Rescue can make sure your project is not one of them. Contact us now to get prompt professional help. .

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